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Day Price
 ₹ : 11999
Week Price
 ₹ : 49990
Month Price
 ₹ : 125000
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Day Price  : ₹ 11999
Pre Booking Price  : ₹ 5000

Suzuki Hayabusa:

The massive Hayabusa is a looker and despite the large dimensions, the lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminum frame minimises weight while maintaining high torsional strength. The Hayabusa boasts of vertically stacked twin headlights that provide increased light intensity and improved light distribution to match the flow of the Hayabusa styling. The advanced aerodynamics offer wind protection both for normal and completely tucked-in seating positions.

Capacity: 1340 cc

Top Speed: 312 Km/hr

Max Power: 197 bhp

Weight: 266 Kg

Extra Package Offer: If 3 Day rent duration than Cost will be INR 28950.The extra amount paid online will be refunded back.

Location Details/Pickup: Subhash Nagar,West Delhi

Pickup only: All our bikes will be picked up from West and Central Delhi, home delivery applicable only on few bikes only.

Bike Renting Terms

• Refundable deposit does not include rent. It is a security deposit which takes care of damages, traffic/law violations if any.

For Royal Enfield category,Following documents will be required:

ID Proof (Govt ID or Passport) would be retained + Rs 4999 cash deposit + Copy of driving license. or Security Cheque if applicable.

For Commuter-Sportz category,You can provide any of two options:

1) 1 original ID Proof + 5000 Security amount + Copy of driving license. + Security Cheque

2) 1 original ID Proof (Any govt. Id) + 10000 Security amount + Copy of driving license.


For Super Bikes Category,We require following from below:

    1 original ID Proof (Any govt. Id) + 20,000 to 35,000 Security amount upto 883CC Bikes + Copy of driving license + PDC Cheque equivalent.

    1 original ID Proof (Any govt. Id) + 50,000 Security amount for more than 883CC Bikes + Copy of driving license.+ Post dated cheque of equivalent amount

Note:You can provide your original passport for less amount to be deposited as security for Super Bikes.

No further documents required apart from mentioned in the terms and condition.
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